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Cato Crane, the Auctioneers, was founded in 1985 by John Crane, although the company has its origins in the 19th century Liverpool shipbuilding firm of 'Cato Miller and Co' and 'Edwin Bathurst's Benthall and Broseley Potteries' in Shropshire.

As senior partner, John Crane has over 35 years experience in valuing and selling works of art and antiques. John is also a well known television and radio personality and writes for regional, national and specialist publications.

Cato Crane holds three auctions every month within the Stanhope Street auction rooms. Specialist auctions are held in other locations.



Wednesday 7th October @ 10.30am

Approximately 600 lots to include:

furniture, large selection of good quality musical instruments, pictures and prints, medals, jewellery including amber beads, clocks and watches, ceramics, gold and silver, stamps, books, comics plus much more 

Next Live Internet Auction in Preparation

View & Bid Online from Friday 28th August via www.the-saleroom.com or via www.invaluable.com or via www.uk-auctioneers.com

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Entries invited for our upcoming auctions. Please call into the saleroom for a FREE verbal valuation on any items that you may be thinking of selling. Our valuation times are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am - 12pm or from 2pm - 4pm. Call us today for more details on 0151 709 5559.

Recently Sold

White Star Line Captain Smith's Cigar Box

Sold for:£25,000.00

Sir George Clausen RA Oil on Canvas

Sold for:£190,000.00

David Shepard Framed Oil On Canvas Depicting A World War II Air Battle

Sold for:£17,000.00

Chinese Bronze Censor

Sold for:£19,800.00

Results - Latest Auction

Royo Oil On Canvas - Evening,

Sold for:£2,700.00

Royo Oil On Canvas - Morning,

Sold for:£2,300.00

Two Handpainted And Gilded Two Door Oriental Storage Cabinets,

Sold for:£400.00

Bassett-Lowke late 40's/Early 50's 0 Gauge Train Collection + Other Trains & Accessories,

Sold for:£420.00

Gilt Framed Handpainted Berlin Plaque Depicting A Classical Scene,

Sold for:£720.00


Latest News

  • Next General Auction Next General Auction will be on Tuesday 22nd September 2015 @ 10:30am. Viewing Morning of the Auction from 9am 9 September 2015
  • Next Live Internet Auction Next Live Internet Auction will be on Wednesday 7th October 2015 @ 10.30am. View online via www.the-saleroom.com or via www.invaluable.com 7 September 2015
  • Valuation Days / Evenings Thinking of holding a valuation day / evening to help raise funds?? Call today to book our team of valuers on 0151 709 5559. email us at info@catocrane.co.uk 22 June 2015
  • Charity Auctions / Dinners Thinking of auctioning items off for charity?? Call Cato Crane today on 0151 709 5559 or email us at info@catocrane.co.uk 17 June 2015
  • Sell Beatles Memorabilia at LIPA Entires are invited NOW for our annual Beatles Auction at LIPA on August bank holiday weekend. Hurry! - Space in the catalogue is limited 11 June 2015
  • Read John Crane's Weekly Articles Check out John Cranes articles on Antiques! He writes weekly about various aspects of the business and interesting finds within the area 11 June 2015
  • Learn about Antiques?? Cato Crane hold regular talk evenings for groups and organisations wanting to learn more about the antique trade. Call us on 0151 709 5559 for more info 10 June 2015
  • Listen to John Crane LIVE on Wirral Radio 92.1FM John Crane has a bi-weekly radio show on a Tuesday at ... for the new and ever growing Wirral Radio on 92.1FM. Tune in to hear of the latest findings and buzz within the auction business 10 June 2015
  • Check out Cato Crane's Auction Dates Cato Crane hold LIVE internet sales of around 600+ lots on the first Wednesday of each month. The next auction is scheduled for Wednesday 1st July 2015 @ 10.30am. Entries are now being accepted for these upcoming auctions 5 June 2015
  • Entries Invited for our Upcoming Sales Bring your Antiques & Collectables to our saleroom for a free verbal valuation every Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 10am - 12pm or from 2pm - 4pm. 3 June 2015
  • Selling Worldwide Cato Crane sells nationally and internationally to all parts of the world. Millions of potential buyers are waiting to 'click & bid' on your antiques and collectibles 1 June 2015
  • Bring in your Gold, Silver & Jewellery for Sale Gold, Silver and Jewellery is and always has been very desirable at auction. Bring your jewellery in today for a free verbal valuation and low selling commisions 30 April 2015
  • A Polite Service to all Customers Customer Service is a top priority for Cato Crane Auctioneers. Old fashioned values in a modern business surrounding! 2 April 2015
  • Items for Valuation?? Get your items valued every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the saleroom, call us for a house visit or email us at info@catocrane.co.uk for more info 3 February 2015
  • Live Fine Arts Auctions Held Monthly Cato Crane has 12 scheduled Antique & Fine Art Auctions in 2015. Click on the Auction Dates page for a full list of auction dates or subscribe to our newsletter 3 February 2015
  • Probate / Insurance Valuations Supplying valuations for Probate and Insurance for the last twenty five years. Why not call today for more information. 0151 709 5559 9 January 2015
  • Collectors & House Clearance Auctions Check out our latest Collectors Auction in the Abram & Mitchell saleroom. A big selection of antiques & collectibles waiting to be bought 5 January 2015
  • Our Selling Commission is Negotiable Sell for low commission at Cato Crane Auctioneers. Call us today for more information or call in to the saleroom for a free verbal valuation. 1 January 2015

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